Congregational Prep Work

The congregational pre-work is aimed at collecting information about program, events, and activities that your congregation is conducting so that they may be shared with other UU congregations in the area.  We’re especially interested in you including those program/events/activities where your congregation is open to or looking for:

  1. collaboration or cooperation with one or more congregations,
  2. participation by UUs from other congregations or even non-UUs

A third category of interest are those programs/events/activities that could be interesting for another congregation to replicate. Please include programs/events/activities even from the past if there is useful information, program materials, or learnings that could be shared with other congregations that would like to replicate your work.  Let’s replicate and leverage rather than re-invent, when possible.

Who should complete this work?  Our opinion is that this may be best completed by congregational staff who are involved in the programming for the church.  If you only have volunteer staff, 

The steps to completing Congregational Prep Work task are:

  1. Download this: Program Calendar Sample 
  2. Download this: blank Program Calendar spreadsheet 
  3. Locate your congregation’s program/event/activity plans for the year
  4. Locate any past program/event/activity which could be replicated–even if in the past
  5. Fill in a Program Calendar with your program information
  6. Email the completed Program Calendar to by April 28th

REQUIRED: Please submit the your Program Calendar spreadsheet by April 28th.

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