UU Social Justice – 4 Task Forces

The Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice (UUSJ) is an organization connecting most UU churches and many of their members in Northeast Illinois, South Wisconsin, North Indiana, South Michigan, and even a couple from East Missouri. UUSJ does most of its work through five task forces, and is funded largely by CAUUC. UUSJ has its own website, click here.

Here are the four Task Forces with contact information to their Chair or Co-Chairs:

(1) Economic Justice and Homelessness — Chair Allan Lindrup uusj@sbcglobal.net 773-595-4921

(2) Environmental Justice — Chair Andrew Fisher fishorgn1580@gmail.com 847-492-1832

(3) Peace — Co-Chair Jane Bannor jbannor@sbcglobal.net 773-274-6387
Co-Chair Rev. Jean Darling jdarling@sandwich.net 708-383-4608

(4) U.U. Multiracial Unity — Chair Finley Campbell finleycambell5222@comcast.net 773-752-4019