"Welcoming All by All" workshop to learn how to attract, welcome and retain new members.

Saturday, May 20, 9:30 am - 2 pm, Beverly Unitarian Church, 10244 S. Longwood Dr. Chicago, Il 60643. A few Chicago area UU churches have professional (staff) Membership Directors This workshop provides timely opportunity for congregations to learn practical methods to facilitate membership work.

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CAUUC Mission Statement

The mission of the Chicago Area Unitarian Universalist Council is to support its member congregations by working together to achieve a common goal of promoting Unitarian Universalist principles in the greater Chicago area.

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AFFIRMATION is where we start from. Go forth, and PROMOTE. Do so in the spirit of love, and with a fire for justice.

For many religious groups, who have a Creed, affirmation of the faith is often done as part of the Worship Service, while promotion is often done through evangelism, which is sometimes connected with missions. We UUs don't have a Common Creed. However, we do have shared values, which are reflected in our democratically adopted 7 Principles. Chicagoland Area to receive inspiration and motivation to bring back to your congregations.

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Voice of Liberal Faith - Unitarian Universalism

I call that church free which brings individuals into a caring, trusting fellowship that protects and nourishes their integrity and spiritual freedom. It is open to insight and conscience from every source. -Unitarian theologian James Luther Adams